20 August 2013

I have a raging case of insomnia.  Which is a little upsetting, since it's been so long since I've had to deal with it.  But, it's now 0200, I've been up since midnight, and my alarm goes off in two hours.  Awesome.  I even tried sending myself back to sleep with my good, old standby, self1induced orgasm.  No dice.  Well, hell.  That was a waste of battery power.  To make matters worse, I woke up singing "The Sounds of Silence." Yeah, that helps.  And, because my brain works this way, I began singing this to the tune:

Hello, Insomnia my old friend,
I see you're keeping me up again.
Now is the time I should be sleeping,
Not around the house creeping,
And I'm so tired
I can't remember my name
I'm going insane
With you, Insomnia.

Okay, so it's not great, but I could have done worse at this time of day on three hours of sleep.  And I should apologize ahead of time for the raging bitch fest that's coming towards my co-workers.  *sigh*  Sorry about that.

Will this make it better?

07 August 2013

You want to know the absolute, worst feeling in the world?  It's when the most important and needed thing you want say to someone is the least wanted thing to be heard.  And then knowing that's the case.  And still wanting to say it every day, in every way.  But not doing it, so that no one is "uncomfortable."  Oh, well; fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.  My new(ish) philosophy.  Like the Ministy of Magic, I remain....strong.  (And, apparently, a giant nerd.)

This calls for some Tina.