20 August 2008

Way cool news

A young man just won the first ever Olympic medal for Afghanistan in guess what? That's right! Tae Kwon Do! He must be so happy to have such an honor for his country. I'm so happy I'm giggling. It's just nice that there can be some good news for Afghanistan since most of the news coming from there is not. You remember Afghanistan right? Where we've been at war for seven years? Where violence is escalating along with the casualty rate?

In other news: I don't understand boys. Not men, boys. As in the two to whom I gave birth. I don't understand why they feel the need to pee anywhere but in the toilet. I don't understand how they can be beating one another with bats and when I call them on it, deny that they were doing it. I don't understand how I can give a two step direction and not have one step followed. For example: "Go brush your teeth and put on deodorant." 15 minutes later:
"Did you brush your teeth?"
"Did you put on deodorant?"
"I forgot."

What. The. Hell.

09 August 2008


I was reading an article on the passing of Bernie Mac when the link for LifeGem caught my eye. Apparently, LifeGem is a company that, in order to facilitate the grieving process, will make a diamond out of your loved one's carbon. (Read: remains.) Okay. Speaking as one who has been bereaved, let me just say, WTF!?! When you choose cremation as a final dispensation, you choose an urn, and then, if you wish, you can purchase memorial or cremation jewelry. These hold a small portion of the ashes (or cremains as they are more gruesomely called) to keep or share, if that is your desire. My reaction at this point was a full body shudder and a visceral eeeeewwwww! It is not for everyone. And I am not one to divvy up my loved one's remains on paper plates on the kitchen table to share with the relatives. They know where the final resting place is; make a pilgrimage if it's that freaking important. But LifeGem takes it one step farther. You can have a stunning piece of jewelry to wear "as a memorial to their unique life, or as a symbol of your personal and precious bond with another." According to their website they are molecularly identical to natural diamonds and, as a bonus, you can have them made in any color. Even to match your mother's eyes as a daughter did in this creepy testimonial:

Thank you so very much...it is absolutely stunning. I opened the box, and there it was..the exact color of my mother's eyes! There is a famous story in my family. When my dad told his mother he intended to marry, she offered him HER mother's engagement ring--a gaudy, expensive diamond--and he replied, "don't be ridiculous, mother--anyone who looks at judy's eyes knows she has to have a sapphire!"

Yikes. The only bright note was a testimonial from James Hatfield, although I doubt it was the real James Hatfield. For those who hold their four legged (or less, too, I guess) friends in higher esteem that any homo sapien might cross their path, LifeGem also has LifeGem for pets. The dog and cat could off themselves in a bizarre suicide pact over the dry nasty kibble instead of luscious, stinky canned and you could get yourself a stunning earring and pendant set!

On a last note: the concert was great, although I did miss most of Sixx: AM which was a trifle disappointing, but hey! A girl has to have priorities and at that point it was eating!! So here is a kind of apropos song from Sixx: AM