28 July 2008

"Pew" is right

I was perusing This Ain't Hell and, while reading a post, decided to go here and take the quiz regarding my general news knowledge. I try to stay fairly hip on current events, although I also try to stay mum on most subjects because I have enough angst in my life and confrontation ain't my bag, baby. If it were, I'd probably be dukin' it out with the Quaker at work over the throat-cutting, asinine, incomprehensible decisions she's been making, rather than stewing in my own pudding as it were.

Imagine my horror at my score: 69 (heh. sorry.) percentile. What the hell?!? I can't suck that bad! Apparently I can. In my defense, the ones I missed were economic in nature (and we all know how I feel about that. I dropped Veterinary Medicine as a major because of Agricultural Economics...I just can't wrap my head around anything featuring that word. And hell, I marked the Dow was around 10,000, I was only off by 2,000 points. I think I should have a gimme on that one), about the Senate majority leader (I picked an old one) and I wrong clicked the last question (I knew it was Kosovo, dammit, my line of sight was off!!!).

Wanna know what was more horrifying? The scores for the national average were 50th percentile, college grads were in the 63rd percentile (while high school or less were 29th), my age group (30-49) were in the 48th percentile (still beating out the socially conscious 18-29 demographic with 30th percentile) and (the absolute most shocking) women ranked a pathetic 39th percentile. Can't tell you Hugo Chavez is the president of Venezuela, but know that Oprah backs Obama. Good grief! Let's turn off American Idol and flip on over to Anderson Cooper, CNN, the Daily Show, ANYTHING! At least Anderson Cooper and Jon Stewart are nice to look at. And hey! You can always marvel at Cooper being a Vanderbilt!

20 July 2008

What, now?

I think we all can agree that everyone needs love. Maslow set that forth in his hierarchy of needs. Although, Maslow put sex in the base of the pyramid (I agree!) and love/family/belonging third up in the chain on the way to self actualization. I think more along the lines of love is equally, if not more, important than sex, but then, I'm a chick and Maslow was a dude. Venus/Mars thing, I guess.

So, my point is that we all want a connection and in this fast paced world of do all, be all, achieve all, meeting people and dating has gotten regulated to online dating. Which is not a problem. You meet all sorts of interesting people online; some of my favorite people are online. :D For the most part, I believe most dating sites are pretty benign, and I personally know people who have found their life mate on dating sites. I have no strong feelings one way or another with eHarmony, Match.com, or any of the bigger websites. My problem stems from these three:

Wealthymen.com, Sugardaddie.com, Plentyoffish.com.

Now, I have not been on any of these sites, I'm pretty happy with my lot in life right now, but even if I weren't, these would be the last three I would visit. What kind of a world do we live in where the "hook" as it were, is advertising a person's wealth as a admirable attribute? Where are the reallysmartmenwhomakeyoulaugh.com websites? Or the hasajobhelikestreatsyourightandwillalwaysbethereforyou.com? Heh? Do the men on wealthymen and sugardaddie really think they will find the love of their lives and not some ho looking for a free ride? And what do the women that apply to such sites think they will have to do to snag one of these sugardaddies? I'm sorry but dog collars, ball gags, and saran wrap are not my style. (Well, maybe the saran wrap, but only if it were tastefully done. With whipped cream. I digress.)

So in the spirit of all things romantic...here are the Romantics

10 July 2008


Pt today with half the county in her room for delivery, including brothers, cousins and some guy that was dating her sister: "Could you all step out for a bit? I'm going to breastfeed."

Sister, NOW is not the time to get modest. You kind of blew the doors off modesty when you practically televised your birth. In fact, posting it on You Tube would have proabably resulted in less people seeing you in all your glory.

And now a video from my favorite Finnish punk band, Klamydia (yes, it means what you think it means.) Translation of the chorus: "Shut the hell up, I'm really drunk today!"