15 March 2008

Complete waterheads

Okay, it's a moot point if we should or should not be in Iraq or Afghanistan - we are there. We will likely be there for a long time. I completely agree with any one's right to support their beliefs and to choose their own path. I feel that there are men and women who are doing a wonderful job in a horrible situation. I also feel everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, by all that's holy, could these people be anymore deluded???

I particularly like "I don't know a good use of the Marines in my lifetime." and this little gem:

Code pink protester: "It is very important to protect free speech...and so we clearly have the right to be here."
Snarky-ex-Marine-interviewer: "If only there was an organization sworn to defend that free speech..."
Extremely clueless waterhead protester: "Wouldn't that be wonderful?"
Incredulous-ex-Marine-interviewer: "That would be outstanding!"

I may be pretty oblivious, but I can smell snark and sarcasm when it is dripping off my nose. Perhaps I should give lessons to these poor little chuckleheads. Although their "make out not war" session was looking pretty good. (Four years without sex, remember?)

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