19 February 2009

My old friend insomnia has shown up....not that it ever really goes away, but it has been particularly troublesome this week. Usually I just have to to some relaxation exercises for the 4 times a night I wake up, but tonight, at Midnight, my eyes popped open. And have remained so ever since. So, it is now 0303 and my alarm goes off in an hour and a half. I could work out now, but run the risk of waking up the child sized Popsicle that snuck into my bed an hour ago. I think he's like me and takes off his pajamas in the middle of the night. Well, I used to. I keep them on these days. It's too late to take anything to put me back to sleep because I'd be hung over at work; I cleaned the house yesterday, so I can't tidy up (except for the office, the bane of my existence and there is no way in hell I'm starting on that now.), so here I sit with a glass of warm milk, hoping that the triptophan will kick in in order for me to get just ONE MORE HOUR FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

In other news, I pruned Satan's own roses yesterday and I now look like I have a particularly virulent case of the measles..on my hands. My arms are a mess and I even have scratches on my legs. I wasn't wearing shorts; these roses are of the devil! Porcupines wish they had this defense system. If you come anywhere near these suckers the thorns practically jump off and burrow under your skin. They are gorgeous in bloom, however, smell great and work as a fine deterrent for unwanted neighbors. They also work as a deterrent to pruning as this is the first time I've done it in 5 years and it may be another 5 before I attempt it again.

I'm going to go see if the the triptophan is working and coddle my poor battered hands.

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