13 July 2010

What's this?  Oh, this is where the microwave used to be.  Yeah, don't worry about that.

What?  Oh, this is just the scorched and blackened interior of the microwave.  No need to worry.

Yeah, this is just a continuation of the previous photo.  Heed it no mind.

That?  That's just the round plastic thingy (it's an industry term) that the glass plate for the microwave is seated on.  Why does it look like a charred marshmallow?  Well, it's a funny story.

I came home from work yesterday and, as I hit the door, I thought, "Something smells like it burnt." I came in the house and my dear babysitter greeted me with what has become her standard mantra: "The only thing that happened today was....(insert minor catastrophe here)."
Apparently, contrary to my strict orders and house rules, SoS decided to make popcorn by himself. Unfortunately, because he is not allowed to do this, he is unaware of the existence of the handy-dandy "popcorn" button, that enables you to push/cook/done. He put it in for, what he assured me, was "74." Seconds, minutes, hours, months, who knows, but 74 was the magic number. The babysitter told me she cleaned it out as best she could, and despite the molten mess in the bottom, "I put the plate back in and turned it on and it still works." I could win an Olympic medal in keeping my countenence as my brain screeched, "You turned ON the fire damaged microwave???" Teenagers. What are ya gonna do? As soon as she left, I broke out the screwdriver, removed the microwave and escorted into the garage. While my house no longer has "eau de Yellowstone wildfire" wafting through it, the garage is heady with the scent. I left this morning with instruction that the boys were not to touch the microwave. Nor were they to hammer, dissasemble, drop, kick, smash, crash, mutilate, or staple it.

So this afternoon I was greeted with, "the only thing that happened was FB put the wrong soap in the dishwasher and there were bubbles everywhere. No water, just bubbles. But I cleaned it up." It's going to be a long summer.


  1. I'd be scared to go home. lmao!! Enjoy it momma. They're only young once and you'll be missing this in 15 years. I promise you will.

    ok, funny story....when I was younger, maybe sixth grade or so, my best friend was rich. Her family had a microwave. I'd never seen one before and was really amazed by this fabulous machine that could cook anything in under 2 minutes.
    So, one afternoon when we were left to ourselves, we decided to try "cooking" things and see what they did.

    Egg = Explosion! AWESOMENESS!!!
    Did about 4 of 'em before we got bored and moved onto the....
    Kernals Of Popcorn = Louder explosion with that little "tink" sound as it hits the glass! Many of those were done before we got really smart and tried the.....
    Sealed Bottle of Ketchup = OMG!! We fucked up big time!! Melted plastic and a smell that would wake the dead throughout the house.

    Trouble, we were both in BIG trouble over that one.

  2. Crack me up! And to think, the only thing I ever did was expand marshmallows to softball size... I never even thought about sealed bottles of condiments. (And I'm keeping this blog a secret from the boys for, at least, 20 years. Maybe longer.)

  3. Wow!! Never thought of Marshmallows!! I cant wait to show Lauren!! She's gonna love it!

  4. Does FL have the campfire ones that are about as big as the average newborn's head? I'd love to see one of those in a microwave..oh, wait...I don't have one!


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