29 December 2010

Okay!  That's it!  With the celebration of FB's birthday (being today...I was a made a mommy 12 years ago today.  Hard to believe.  I don't feel 12 years older.  And he looks 15.  Whaddya gonna do?) the holiday food train has come to an official and complete stop.  The leftover birthday cake will be looked at longingly and sniffed heartily, but no longer will pass down my gullet.  The 4 gallons of ice cream sitting barely touched in my freezer will be touched by the children alone.  (Why four may you ask?  Because I was in the middle of the holiday food carte blanche that I extended to myself and they were buy one, get one free.  There were three flavors I HAD to have and you can't buy three gallons of ice cream when it's BOGO...you have to get four.  My logic is infalliable; don't try to debate me on this.)  So have I spoken, so shall it be.  Well, that's the plan anyway.  I've indulged to the point my body is going to demand broccoli at knife point.

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