09 May 2011

The baby boom continues and three out of the last four shifts I've worked have been double delivery days. Not such a big deal except for the whole not being able to shift these women off to post-partum (I hates post-partum my preciousssss; it's nasty evil thingsss it issssss.) and so I have been feeling the effects of getting my ass kicked at work. Today still wasn't a day off because the Comcast dude was coming between 8 and 10 (sadistic bastards), and I have 2300 square feet of house to clean. And yes, all 2300 of it needs to be cleaned. I've been so tired it's amazing I wasn't wearing the same clothes for the last 4 days.

I was doing paperwork when the Comcast dude shows up, I let him in and the first thing he says is, "Are you painting?" Not a complete non-sequiter as I have this all over the walls downstairs.

So, I tell him "Yes, I've lived in the house 9 years, it's time to put some color on the walls." He proceeds to say, "I like the brown. Is the other color orange?" When I tell him it's called chili pepper and I've decided to go with the brown because the chili pepper would be too overwhelming, he responded, "Yes, that is too much; do the brown." Apparently, here you get free interior design advice with your cable upgrade.


  1. And I see your cable guy had the extensive command of colors we men possess. When my wife redid our rooms, I was shown the color-card things. There was grey or green, but apparently they're called taupe and sage. After settling on grey, I was consulted on which grey.I chose "grey color second from the right side" on the card. She called it something else, which I immediately renamed "Not Darkest Grey But One Spot To The Left". After that she stopped asking my opinion.

  2. It's a good thing she cut you off before you had to differentiate between "eggshell" and "winter" white.


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