02 December 2012

I am a orienting a new nurse at work.  And when I say, new, I don't mean just to labor and delivery.  I mean new to nursing, fresh graduate, holy-cow-I-have-to-break-everything-down-to-it's-simplest-parts, new. I may be getting too old for this, because, much as I tell myself that I was new once, everyone learns at a different pace, she has a huge learning curve facing her, all I feel in my head is that I am Kevin Costner as Crash Davis in Bull Durham when he gets sent down to A ball and says, "Yeah, well, my triple A contract gets bought out so I can hold the flavor of the month's stick in the bus leagues. Well, fuck this fucking game!"  I wish I could find a clip for it, because it's just pure truth at this point.  I'm going to blame my attitude on lack of interest in my girly parts from anyone of the non battery persuasion and the stress of the holidays.  Yeah, that sounds good.

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