10 February 2008

Death of an orthographer

I used to be a good writer. I pull out papers from college when I was still steeped in the words and traditions of Shakespeare, Trollope, Shelley and the like, and I am pleasantly surprised at what I read. Now my literary skills have been stunted, if not outright slain, by 9 years of medical abbrieviation, nurses charting and doc speak. Not to mention the dreaded Pokemon dissertations I am daily privy to thanks to my wonderful, albeit, single minded children. So this here little adventure is a vain attempt to polish those rusty skills in the unlikely event I force myself into a master's degree. I'm really not excited about taking the GRE again. ENGLISH major! Translation: poor math skills or fairly good math skills, but doesn't test well.

I may even repost items from my Myspace page....who knows? And before I'm ridiculed for being 40 and having a Myspace page...it's the way I keep in contact with my girls from nightshift since going to days. Also, I read the average age of a Myspace user is 35. Of course that may be, as one of my favorite anesthesiologists opined, because they are all pedophiles. But most of his opinions are suspect, so I don't give them much heed. Or it may just be that I'm a hardheaded, opinionated, firetruckin' beyotch, who's to say?

A little retro verbal incontinence from 2006:

I try to be a part of the 21st century, but I'm this close to smashing all the technology in the house and resorting to sending smoke signals. I realize that will be difficult with a burn ban in effect, but I am a very determined individual who is suffering from a deplorable lack of computer savvy right now!
I love my laptop. I love my wireless router that allows my lap top to be connected to the internet from anywhere in the house. I'm about ready to smash both because I'm not being allowed to add my printer so I can wirelessly (is that a word?) print from anywhere in the house. Add printer, browse printer, search for file, server does not have driver, printer not found....the angst goes on and on! I can't be tied to the desktop computer, because I now have computer ADD, and I start frothing at the mouth if my desires are not instantly gratified. *sigh*
So, here I am, rolling from desktop to laptop like a squirrel on crack in a vain and tiring effort to firmly entrench myself in the hip world of wireless technology. Meanwhile, the dishwasher goes unrun, the clothes unfolded and the bed unmade, causing my parents to wonder where they went wrong.

A few hours later:

I have outwitted the evil computer gremlins and defeated them at their own game! La la la! Success! The printer has been added, it actually WORKS, and I'm feeling such joy as to label it nearly orgasmic! Which is a dang good indication of how long it's been since I've had sex, but that is another issue. So, here's a cheers to moi! Given enough time I can figure out even the most basic problem.

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