09 August 2008


I was reading an article on the passing of Bernie Mac when the link for LifeGem caught my eye. Apparently, LifeGem is a company that, in order to facilitate the grieving process, will make a diamond out of your loved one's carbon. (Read: remains.) Okay. Speaking as one who has been bereaved, let me just say, WTF!?! When you choose cremation as a final dispensation, you choose an urn, and then, if you wish, you can purchase memorial or cremation jewelry. These hold a small portion of the ashes (or cremains as they are more gruesomely called) to keep or share, if that is your desire. My reaction at this point was a full body shudder and a visceral eeeeewwwww! It is not for everyone. And I am not one to divvy up my loved one's remains on paper plates on the kitchen table to share with the relatives. They know where the final resting place is; make a pilgrimage if it's that freaking important. But LifeGem takes it one step farther. You can have a stunning piece of jewelry to wear "as a memorial to their unique life, or as a symbol of your personal and precious bond with another." According to their website they are molecularly identical to natural diamonds and, as a bonus, you can have them made in any color. Even to match your mother's eyes as a daughter did in this creepy testimonial:

Thank you so very much...it is absolutely stunning. I opened the box, and there it was..the exact color of my mother's eyes! There is a famous story in my family. When my dad told his mother he intended to marry, she offered him HER mother's engagement ring--a gaudy, expensive diamond--and he replied, "don't be ridiculous, mother--anyone who looks at judy's eyes knows she has to have a sapphire!"

Yikes. The only bright note was a testimonial from James Hatfield, although I doubt it was the real James Hatfield. For those who hold their four legged (or less, too, I guess) friends in higher esteem that any homo sapien might cross their path, LifeGem also has LifeGem for pets. The dog and cat could off themselves in a bizarre suicide pact over the dry nasty kibble instead of luscious, stinky canned and you could get yourself a stunning earring and pendant set!

On a last note: the concert was great, although I did miss most of Sixx: AM which was a trifle disappointing, but hey! A girl has to have priorities and at that point it was eating!! So here is a kind of apropos song from Sixx: AM


  1. I can ALWAYS count on you for a laugh....I guess I'll have to get another cat in the hopes of getting a PAIR of earrings! Oh yuck!!!!

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