20 August 2008

Way cool news

A young man just won the first ever Olympic medal for Afghanistan in guess what? That's right! Tae Kwon Do! He must be so happy to have such an honor for his country. I'm so happy I'm giggling. It's just nice that there can be some good news for Afghanistan since most of the news coming from there is not. You remember Afghanistan right? Where we've been at war for seven years? Where violence is escalating along with the casualty rate?

In other news: I don't understand boys. Not men, boys. As in the two to whom I gave birth. I don't understand why they feel the need to pee anywhere but in the toilet. I don't understand how they can be beating one another with bats and when I call them on it, deny that they were doing it. I don't understand how I can give a two step direction and not have one step followed. For example: "Go brush your teeth and put on deodorant." 15 minutes later:
"Did you brush your teeth?"
"Did you put on deodorant?"
"I forgot."

What. The. Hell.


  1. take comfort that I am experiencing the exact same misery on that note!

  2. WOW! I have that same problem. It must be some defect in the immature Y chromosome. I have noticed that it sometimes carries over to the mature Y chromosome...


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