06 May 2009

Driving down the road yesterday we saw that a Stater had pulled someone over and I said, sotto voce "Oops! He's in handcuffs." My children have superhero hearing and this comment prompted SoS to wonder how one got put into handcuffs. (Research? I don't know) So FB sought to enlighten his brother with these words: "Oh, speeding. Or robbing a store. Or robbing a bank. Or sabotage." What? Well, yes I guess, but what the stink brought that on?

Tonight I walked by the refrigerator and noted a pool of water on the floor. Damn kids, they refuse to let the valve up on the Brita tank BEFORE they take their cups away. Then I opened the freezer (it's actually on the bottom), and a 2 gallon Hefty bag full of soapy water and Hot Wheels fell out onto the floor. I picked the bag up in disbelief and noted a fairly large hole in one corner. Noted it because of the amount of water pouring onto my floor. Case of the mysterious water puddle solved. Any guesses as to whose bright idea THAT was? First two don't count. I didn't even have to ask, if that gives you a hint!

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