14 November 2009

Seven Years

From day one, SoS has been like this.  Happy-go-lucky, smiling, loving little boy and one of the reasons I still breathe in and out.  This kid loves to laugh and most of his antics are for the sole purpose of crackin' up!  He's always thought his brother was the neatest thing since beer in a can as well.

  He came flying into this world at 3:03pm; 7 pounds 8 ounces.   I was so wiped out from working the night before I didn't remember telling the records specialist what his name was, and was sure his birth certificate was going to read "Baby Boy Pichler."

He's seven today. 

 Look at that awesome Spartacus butt chin!

When I was younger, seven years took an eternity.   The last seven years took about 13 seconds.


  1. Happy birthday wishes to that sweet 7 year old!!

  2. Happy Birthday SoS! If I was 7 I'd totally be his girlfriend!!

    He's not only got a great chin but a fabulous cowlick too!!!


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