17 March 2011

As I believe I've mentioned before, FB's bed is a captain's bed that requires great feats of strength and agility to make.  Why I thought this bed would be a good purchase was, no doubt, influenced by my having a six foot tall, 200 pound man conveniently located in my house at the time.  Since that is no longer the case, I dread making the damn thing.  For some reason, I only had one set of sheets for this bed, which required me to strip the bed, wash sheets, and remake all in the same day.  Which is more effort than I really want to exert in any given moment.  So, I bought new sheets.  Yay!  And this week I stripped his bed, and Voila!  I had sheets to put on it right away!  Now, to get to the point of this post.  So, I have this stupid HUGE mattress off the bed so I can make the far side of it before I flop it back on the frame and make the rest of it, and I'm sweating like a diabetic in a candy store from lifting, turning, stretching, and climbing over all the crap all over the room despite telling him 95 THOUSAND TIMES to clean his farooking room, and I'm getting all dreamy eyed about the smell of clean sheets when I look down and see, on my hormonal 12 year old's bedroom floor, one of my thongs.  And not the definition of thong from the '70s, mind you, my 2011 thong!  Of course, the rational, analytical part of my brain knew, knew, that it had been stuck to the sheets with static cling from the dryer and it fell off when I shook out the sheets, but for a split second that was drowned out by the reptile/monkey boy part of my brain absolutely screeching "WHAT THE HELL IS MY THONG DOING ON HIS FLOOR????"


  1. and new blog addy....
    even though I stalk you on the book of face.

  2. Yes, living with boys is most awesome. And, good news, Google reader updated your blog when you switched addresses. Don't know how or why, but it did! So, I also can be accused of stalking you and not just on the book of face. Har!


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