21 January 2012

Living with boys is so bizarre.  They smell.  They do incomprehensible things.  They smell.  How can someone come out of a shower and smell as bad, if not worse, than when they went in?  How can their bedroom be fresh and clean smelling when they go to bed and smell like the mouth of hell in the morning?  I keep a can of air freshener beside FB's room, so that, if I have to enter, I can hose it down first just so I won't keel over from the boy smell.  We've been going through a period here where they can't seem to lift the ring on the toilet to go to the bathroom and then end up peeing all over the seat.  Now, first of all, I demand that the toilet lids be shut at all times because I hate the look of the inside of a toilet, and do you know what gets aerosolized and floats onto your toothbrush???  Yuck.  And whether it's true or not, just yuck.  The point being, they have to lift the lid anyway, how hard can it be to lift the seat as well?  Especially since I've been drilling it into their heads since they were potty training.  So, now I make them come back to the bathroom, completely clean the toilet, and threaten them with sitting down to pee for the remaining time they live in my house.  You'd think it would sink in a little better than it has.  They are usually better for a few days and then I start to see some backsliding.  Usually when there is important video gaming is to be done.

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