19 March 2009

How's this for a change? When you are my clinical director and have actually said to the House Mouse when we were drowning in patients "I'm not competent to work the floor, " do not tell me we are overstaffed when there is not a bed to be had on the unit, the antepartum unit, triage, recovery room, or the three bed induction clinic. I somehow feel that if you are a clinical director you should be the most competent person on the floor, and if you feel you are not, then get some reorientation until you are at least minimally competent. Do not tell me how to do my job if you cannot actually DO MY JOB! When you have staff members that have sat down for the first time 7 hours into their shift, perhaps you shouldn't call patients in to be induced. If you ever were on the floor, you would understand what WORK FLOW is. And an anesthesiologist, who has worked here for over a year and is on the floor several times a month, wouldn't have to ask a nurse, "Who is that woman at the desk?"

It's been a rough week. And there is a Percocet with my name on it.

I want this life..where do I go for a reassignment?

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  1. It would either be a very bad day for Multicare, if you and I were on the floor working together when one of these days ocurred....or we'd lose our jobs! Most likely the second; we should keep our schedules as is.


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