16 March 2009

Vampires Need Help

Nope, sorry this isn't a Twilight post. One of the blogs I read is called Afghanistan Shrugged. They are known as the Vampires.
It's written by the leader of a Embedded Tactical Trainer team on the Pakistan border, way out in the middle of BFE. Or BFA in this case. These guys are doing an incredibly hard job in a very remote area. Now their job has been made even more difficult.

I was lazing on the couch, wallowing in freakish misery, and perusing the "deployed in Afghanistan" forum when I ran across a post labeled "URGENT Need for FOOD." Imagine my surprise when I read it and found out it was from the Vampires. The need was posted via Bouhammer's blog. Click on the link to read the email how these guys ended up in this situation. Between the 101st leaving and no longer ordering UGR-As (combat rations; think MREs) and the brigade not really feeling the need to supply these guys, they are living off whatever they have stockpiled from care packages. And running low. Definitely a Charlie Foxtrot situation here folks. And one thing guarenteed to launch my self-pitying ass off the couch. I already had some things ready for a care package to be sent, so I went and picked up some more food and hygiene items. Which meant I also needed to go and pick up some more Flat Rate Boxes.

So, if you, my dear friends feel the need to help please do. I'll be sending FRBs* until I get notice that their supplies have been refurbished. If you would like to do the same you can do so in a few ways.

A) Join Books for Soldiers (which requires an notorized application) click on the Deployed in Afghanistan forum and look for the Need for Food ETT team FOB Bermel/Boris

B) email Bouhammer at admin@bouhammer.com with "Help for ETT team" and he will send you the mailing address.

C) bring me anything that can be microwaved, canned foods with pop tops, hygiene items, propel or gatorade single services, etc...

*The Flat Rate Boxes are free and are a flat rate to send no matter how full they are or how much they weigh. The Post Office has APO/FPO boxes that are $11.95 to ship versus $13.95 for the regular FRB

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  1. Bless your heart. I think in your previous life you were a MASH nurse.


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