02 February 2010

Happy Groundhog Day.

Wanna know why today is the best Groundhog Day evah??
This was released today on DVD:

Which I pre-ordered so Fed-Ex delivered it to my door! As I was mowing the lawn...yeah. You read that right. I had to mow my lawn in February. North Carolina, my dear old stomping grounds, are up to their hip waders in snow (oh, okay, so there is a bout 6 inches, it just seems like it's up to their hip waders to them) and I'm mowing my freaking LAWN!

Just to make me doubly happy, I bought this the other day:

Woot!  And then I bought a copy for the Nav's wife as she gestates in the desert.  "SHAROOOOOONNN!"

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  1. Oh how I LOVE this movie. Prolly third favorite of all time.

    Zombieland is my destination this weekend. squeeeeeeeeeeee!!


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