05 February 2010

SoS has been completely decompensating lately.  His behavior problems in school have gotten worse; more outbursts, more defiance, more just everything.  He's been extra special SoS.  I wouldn't care and would just say the school needs to find a way to deal with him if it weren't for the fact that he is miserable.  MISERABLE!  Crying, saying he's a bad kid, wishing he could go to heaven (ulp!) stating that he's trying to do what he's supposed to as hard as he can, but it's just too hard.  At this point, I got the pediatrician involved.  My ped loves my kids.  And I love him because his plan of care involves the home and school evaluation forms, then an in office evaluation, then "IF we have to go down a pharmacological road."  Instead of "the meds are called in; go pick 'em up."  I mean, he's known this kid for 7 years, he knows what he's like.  And his behavior at home is as it has always been.  Except for being miserable getting off the bus.  His teacher this year actually likes him and that makes the reports from school a lot easier to take.  He takes so much time from the teacher in the classroom and he's starting to annoy the other kids.  He is a lovable guy and would do anything for you; he's just having a little difficulty.  And it makes me sad. Not to mention, all this is exhausting. Single parenthood just sucks ass.
In a last ditch effort to keep him off medication, I have instituted some sweeping dietary changes.  The offspring are less than amused.  No dairy for 3 months, no additives, preservatives, sugar, etc.  Basically,  all 4 of SoS's food groups. Not to mention flax oil in the juice, B6 supplements, fish oil caps before bed... It's been a rough go and I don't know how much it is actually helping.  Of course, I'm not quite sure SoS doesn't have a candy dealer that's feeding his jones outside the circle of my influence.  I will say, I have gotten quite adept at hiding pureed vegetables in the food.  Cauliflower or spinach ("Look it's like Dr. Seuss!) in the scrambled eggs.  Goat milk in eggs and pancakes along with butternut squash.  Sweet potatoes in the muffins.  Although, I was running late for work the other morning and got a little heavy handed with the goat milk in the eggs.  Does it freak anyone else out that goat milk tastes just like goats smell?  Seriously.  It's a little off putting.  Anyway, I was eating and thought, "oops.  The eggs are a tad goaty."  Luckily, the kids had salsa on theirs and couldn't tell.  I'm just happy I get to go to work and still have access to diet Pepsi.  Do as I say, not as I secretly do, dammit!

I was talking to the Wife of the Senior Chief the other day while flipping through channels and under my breath I said, "The Notebook, thhhhhbpt, oh!  Steven Segal: Lawman! Yay!"  She started cracking up and told me that I should have married the Senior instead because I pooh-poohed the chick flick and was excited about SS:L.  And that the Senior thinks I walk on water.  I told her, "Except for the fact that the Senior was in luuuuuurrrrrve with you from the first second he saw you, and he only thinks I walk on water cuz he doesn't live with me!"  One of the perks of being the second wife...I get to be the fun one!

How big of a nerd am I that I think the noise of the automatic doors opening at Petco sound exactly like the Transformers (the original cartoons) transforming?  Pretty big?

I was trying to find a movie by which to fold clothes (so they'd actually get done instead of taking root on the couch) and found the movie One Crazy Summer.  Which I'd never seen.  What?  How could I have missed a movie from the 1980s??  Especially one involving John Cusak and Curtis Armstrong?  I must watch!  And 10 minutes into it, I realized I was glad I'd never seen this misbegotten piece of celluloid waste.  What a turd.  To wash the taste out of my brain, I had to watch Fatal Beauty, which is no gem I'll grant you, but at least it has Sam Elliott.

Yowza.  That voice does things to me without even trying.  He even made Roadhouse worth watching.  And his little spots and voice overs in The Big Lebowski made a great film even better.  *sigh*  I may need to have a little conversation with my New Best Friend. ;P

My domesticity has taken quite a hit lately.  I think if your house could qualify for FEMA clean up funds, there should be a "Justifiable Arson" clause in your Homeowners policy.  Just torch the damn thing and start over; it would be easier.  Speaking  of cleaning, I went into the boys' bathroom to tidy up a little (talk about needing a flamethrower.  Are these yahoos genetically incapable of seeing toothpaste on the counter and wiping it up?) and noticed this:

Why, yes, that is a toothbrush stuck to the light fixture.  This morning as I was, once again, chivvying my children out the door, SoS said, "Mom, I put my toothbrush up there so FB wouldn't use it."  Without looking and running down the stairs, I replied that no way did FB want to use his toothbrush.  And promptly forgot all about the conversation.  I'm not even sure what made me look at the light fixture tonight.  But when I saw this, I got my camera, took the picture, and then left it there.  Which only now strikes me as unusual.  Wonder where my children get it.....?

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