19 May 2010


Riding in the car yesterday we pulled up to the exit before entering the Round-a-bout-a-rama to get to our house and I noticed a Jaguar in front of us. This is the conversation that ensued.

Me to FB in the passenger seat: "Jaguar! Rowr!"
FB "Saturn."
Me: "What?"
FB: "Saturn. It's a car."
Me: "I know that. Why did you say it?"
FB: "You said Jaguar; I said Saturn."
Me: "There was a Jaguar in front of us. That's why I said it."
FB: "Oh. Did you know Cobra's were made by Ford?"
Me: "Yeeeeeees."
SoS from backseat: "Swamp Tigers are real."
Me and FB: *crickets*

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