03 June 2010

My house feels like a deleted scene from A Christmas Story, featuring the Bumpus hounds. 

Sonsabitches!  Bumpuses!

In related news; have you seen Ralphie lately?
 Ow!  And not because I shot my eye out!  Go Red Ryder!


  1. I wouldnt say no. But then again, I wouldnt say no to much these days. Just sayin.

  2. We are the sympatico once again, sister! Well, I'd say no to stupid. My intelligence standards are pretty freaking high due to having dated a wicked smart man or two.

  3. I dont need his brain girl!! And most guys brains are in the little head anyway...

  4. But what to do during the refractory period? I don't want to be a scene out of Idiocracy either! :)


Okay, GO!