17 August 2011

The life of a resident is, by nature, incredibly...well, sucky, to use a besties venacular.  The learning curve is huge, faculty is always pimping you on the most innocuous and trivial decisions of patient care, nurse are, let's face it, pitbulls with lipstick until you earn their trust and respect.  It's not a life I would choose for myself.  Mainly, because I am a loud mouth and don't take kindly to that level of bullshit.  Once in a while, a resident appears who is completely competent, confident, and, most important, receptive to suggestions from the care team.  My family practice doc was one of these residents.  Which explains, in part, why he is my family practice doc.  We have a resident on our floor now who, I believe, will follow his same path.  Residents can be wonderful and they can drive you to want to shove them into the nearest food trolley until they promise to quit acting like a complete ass.  But they are always good for some quotes:

Resident: "Help!  I need a doctor!"
Corpsman: "You are the doctor."
Resident:  "No!  I mean a real one!"

Resident while checking a cervix:  "Okay, well, I'll just get out of your hair now...."

R1, first day on the floor:  "I heard we had patients in triage!  That's so cool!"
Extremely jaded nurse:  "Oh, that's so cute;  stay green Pony Boy!"

Nurse trying to guide resident: "So do you want to do all the cultures?"
Resident: "We should probably check for funk in her thing."

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