14 August 2011


I know there are events that I'm supposed to be detailing, but I have, in my usual manner, been distracted by all manner of inane, but consuming, questions.  For instance:

Is there a special class given to a certain sect of  graduating doctors to teach them to be complete assholes that discount all suggestions or advice from nurses that have been doing their job in a particular field since these self-same doctors were in middle school?  Could I have made that sentence any longer without any punctuation?  From whence did the word "cocktail" originate, and why do we call a drink by that name?  For that matter, why are roosters called cocks?  And who thought a penis looked like a rooster? As I age, am I getting more tolerant or more apathetic?  And do I really care?  Why is it no one gets a classical reference anymore?  Why do people worship Jesus' foreskin?  Can one ever be too rich?  Because we know you can be too thin. I'm talking to you Mary-Kate Olson.  Does my 12 year old really think I'm going to let him be home alone for 12 straight hours during the day instead of going to The Girls and Boys Club?  I know his parents after all.  Is it possible that my dogs actually have access to crack?  Their behavior would lead me to believe it's so.

Here's another wicked smart Navy guy with a literary bent...go drop by and enjoy.


  1. Wicked smart? I'll take it, thanks!

  2. You're more than welcome! May your traffic increase exponentially! (Close as my geek heart can come to live long and prosper without sounding like the complete geek I am and actually saying, "live long and prosper.")


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