25 February 2012

As predicted, said doctor was a complete asshole today. So, now I want 15 Tequila Fannybangers with a Klonopin chaser. I'll settle for the Klonopin washed down with some Pepsi Max; my total drug of choice.

I was speaking with Senior Chief's Wife about my day (read: venting unrestrainedly) when I mentioned I was going to buy a rototiller on Monday. And a tool bench. Because, most women buy clothes for retail therapy and I get wet walking into Home Depot. I said as much to SCW and she says, "And meat. Don't forget a freezer full of meat." To which I had to reply that I had no idea why no one wanted to marry me, I'm the perfect woman. I buy power tools for retail therapy and I have a freezer full of meat! What more could a guy want? I crack myself up!
It could be worse; I could be like this on a date:

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