14 February 2012

I was standing at the nurse's station the other day, minding my own business, checking out Facebook on my phone, lending half an ear to the TV in the waiting room with pundits spouting off about Iran and Ahmydinnerjacket, when one of my corpsman queried,"I thought we pulled out of that country?" What the actual fuck? I, being struck incapable of speech, had no response, but my co-worker, she of the no longer active duty by one month, said, "No. We have never been in that country. We just got out of Iraq." To which the clueless wonder replied, "Oh. I must get those two countries mixed up." At this point, I looked horrified at my co-worker and then had to look away so I didn't start laughing hysterically. I don't know if I was more horrified that this little corpsman didn't know how to tell Iraq and Iran apart when these two slices of baklava have been pretty much front and center in the collective conscious of our nation her WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE, or the fact that she's freaking ACTIVE DUTY and active duty corpsmen have a tendency to get shipped off to places like that. Good lord, girl, there is no excuse for that kind of dee-dee-dee!


  1. Sadly, one is merely supposed to be intelligent to be a corpsman/medic. It's my experience that 5% make it through based on instructor fatigue or lack of commitment, and are unfit to treat flatworms, let alone people. Political awareness is usually crowded out by gossip/gaming for that percentage.

  2. I wish any of what you said here could be disputed; sadly, I have to concur. My ears routinely bleed from the gossip.


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