02 February 2013

Argh!  Just went to buy tickets for me and the boys for Brian Regan, coming to Skedaddle on March 23rd.  Figured it would be a fine way to help celebrate what would have been my 15h anniversary (March 21st), and what better way than to spend it with the boys, seeing a comedian that we all enjoy, as did their dad.  Yep, perfect plan.  I was on the website, ready to click "buy" when I said to myself, "Self, you should just double check that that is your weekend off."  Alas, alackaday, it is not.  Poop!  I guess that just saved me $160 bucks, but I'd much rather have gone to see him.
We just got back from Hansel and Gretel well, FB and I did, SoS declined. So, we took him over to Grandma's house with his brand new copy of Hotel Transylvania. And about three seconds into the start of our movie, I turned to FB and said, "It's a good thing SoS didn't want to come." To which FB replied, "Yeah, he'd have nightmares until he was forty." Needless to say, there were some elements of the film not for those of tender years or faint of heart. Despite the rather young children I saw in the theater. It was a fun film, with some serious action and some equally serious gore. Mwahahahaha! Of course, I wouldn't have cared what was happening as soon as Jeremy Renner took off his shirt. *sigh* This isn't without his shirt, but it has a nice brooding quality:
Also not shirtless, but you can see the potential:
And here, it just seems like my kind of guy:

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