01 February 2013

Okay, so I have been slacking a tad, but I have good reason.  First, I actually started writing the previous post the second week of January.  And then my laptop ate itself.  I took it in to get it resurrected and, after three weeks of silence, called to see what the dealio was.  Hard drive trashed.  Not sure why this keeps happening.  Perhaps it's the porn.  I kid.  Why question mark because I love exclamation point.  Anyway, just got my new laptop today, and because I am incapable of waiting for anything, I bought it yesterday and had it overnight shipped.  Hey!  It was an option and only cost 45 dollars.  Seemed ridiculous to not take advantage.I have many posts floating in my head.  One would hope that I can actually get them out and they will be half as funny here as they are when I'm thinking of them.  And if not, I'll just post lots of man candy. Like, say, this one:

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