26 November 2008

I stole this from random laundry, but it was kind of fun. It's an iPod quiz. You open iTunes and do the following:

Number of songs: 512 (yes I have LOTS of free space)

Sort by song
First: ABC - The Jackson 5
Last: 3 Am - Matchbox 20

Sort by time
Shortest: 1:29 The Spanish Inquisition (ending) - Monty Python
Longest: 14:59 Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix

Sort by artist
First: A-ha
Last: Various Artist from On the Mountain 8

Search by album:
First: Abrakadbra - Mikko Kuustonen
Last: Holiday - Sammy Kershaw

Search by key word
sex: 0
death: 0
love: 22
you: 52
me: 81
drugs: 0
hate: 0
search for your own name: 2 (well, derivatives of it)

Put iTunes on shuffle and name first five songs that play (no cheating to look cool!)

Hopealanka - Mikko Kuustonen
Try A Little Tenderness - The Commitments
Gimme, Gimme Shock Treatment - The Ramones
Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut - Zoot Suit Riot
Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks

As we can see, I didn't cheat, cuz no way does that shuffle look cool.

In other news, my insomnia kicked in with a vengeance at 0200 and I flopped around like a landed trout for 3 hours in the vain hope of regaining the sweet oblivion of dreamland. No such luck, although the dog did get to escape his imprisonment several hours early to go ravage the nocturnal rodents in the yard. Luckily I didn't have to deal with the psycho drug addict on the floor, who for some reason, despite being homeless and unemployed, thought that she could kick nurses out of her room because (and I quote) "I'm paying for it, it's mine!" Her first nurse of the day maintained great restraint in not firing back, "You're paying for it with MY money!" And this girl is not known for her great restraint.

As I sat in my super cool, nearly as smart as the Transformers car, with the remote start option that starts the engine, heating system and seat heaters, I was waxing nostalgic for my 1978 Ford Fiesta. No longer will I be called upon to scrape my windshield with any handy object like a credit card or a case to a cassette tape. I will never again have to pour several gallons of boiling water on the driver's side door to thaw it so I can enter the car, thereby freezing the latch in the open position. Which then resulted in needing to bungee cord the door to the underside of my driver's seat to keep it closed while I drove. Meaning that I had to partially sit on the bungee cord and totally forgo using seat belts. Ahhh, those were the days.

I think my bra trying to assassinate me. Not that I don't view the damn things as a nuisance anyway (but a necessary nuisance since pregnancy left me packin', so to speak, with no relief in sight no matter how much weight I lose) but I seriously believe this thing is trying to kill me. I noticed a vague irritation all day that suddenly became a sharp pain and looked down to see the majority of my under wire displaced and trying, with malice aforethought, to pierce my left breast and, therefore, my pericardium. Which would then lead to cardiac tamponade and a really bad day! Avast, ye demon under wire, off with your head! Well, at least off to the trash, I've had little sleep and even less caffeine today.

Happy Turkey Lurkey day my friends and remember only one more day to donate to Valour-IT!

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  1. no boobs are worth the torture of a ravenous underwire!! Be free! let them go!! No not attractive, but you hvae ot keep safety in mind.


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