29 November 2008

There are those days when you feel every second of everyday. Usually after an incredibly long shift filled with incredibly stupid/obnoxious asshats. I found a site that lets you see what your age is on other planets. I'm 172 on Mercury (but a damn fine lookin' broad for her age) and only 22 on Mars. And I'm a freakin' zygote on Pluto, but since Pluto is no longer a planet, it doesn't matter. Poor Pluto. Try it here
There is an explanation of the rotation of each planet complete with mathematical equations to prove the author of the site isn't just blowing smoke up your skirts, but since I heartily eschew (look it up!) all things math it just looked like "banana, banana, banana" to me. There is also a link to your weight on other planets which is just plain nosy IMO.

I love the Stumble add on to Firefox, but as I Stumble around (literally, in some ways) I keep hitting card game sites, WTF? How can there be that many card game sites? Are there really that many games in existence?

I've got some Christmas presents I should work on, but...meh. (It's an official word now! As a sheepskin carrying English major I can now use it with impunity! Yay Simpsons!) So, this is what I've spent my time on this evening:

Hmmmm....Perc or melatonin, Perc or melatonin....

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