30 November 2008


The neighborhood as a whole, as is the custom, is in a flurry of decorating. Lights adorn eaves, wreaths are up, garlands are strung.....on nearly every house. The lone hold out being, as usual, mine. I just can't face the box of lights. The kids are howling for them like a frigid nor'easter for some unfathomable reason. Do they not remember that when I put the lights up it is always in the dark and usually raining? It could be near sub-tropic temperatures all day, but if I pull out those damn lights....voila! The steppes of Mordor!

Perhaps my lack of holiday spirit derives from the fact that Thanksgiving was Thursday and tomorrow is December. That's not right! I just need to get myself in the groove and it's going to take some high powered mojo to do it, cuz the thought of Christmas presents and baking is causing me to look up flights to Tahiti.

"4:00-wallow in self pity; 4:30-stare into the abyss." Heh.

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