25 August 2009

Geek Heaven!

October 2nd baybeeeee!

And classic Van Halen? I'm in love!


  1. Great another zombie movie....But it looks like its gonna be funny! I have a love/hate relationship with zombies.

    I'm not sure if you ever read this post of mine. It explains a lot about how unstable I really am...


  2. oh and ur new page is purdy. ;)

  3. Oh my girlie girlfriend, your new page is visuallay spectacular!! I yuv it.

  4. Peedee,

    That post was hilarious! I cracked up when you talked about throwing your kid to the wolves, or the undead in this case. I've read enough to know you wouldn't really, but like me, the thought would cross your mind! :)

    Peedee and Shannon,

    Thanks for the ups; I was feeling the need to be girly..the old ways were slipping back in!


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