07 August 2009

Got a low census day from work today and I left the kids at daycare so I could clean the house and revel in the cleanliness for a few hours. Instead, I ate a tuna/onion/cheese/tobasco sandwich and took a nap. Equally productive, I guess. The 0400 get up and work out regime kicks my hinder at the end of the week.

Was party to this conversation today:
SoS: "Mommy, you need to get married again."
Me: "I do huh?"
SoS: "Yeah, because you're all alone except for us."
FB: "She has us; that's enough." (I think this comment is a direct response to me yelling yesterday that the two of them make the house look like there are nine nomads living here with a herd of bison)
Sos: "We need a sister."
FB: "Maybe you need a sister, but I don't. Sisters are annoying." (Hey! I'm a sister you punk!)


  1. So when ya havin another baby??

    LMAO!! I think I'd fall over dead if I found I was preggers at this point in my life. Yet, there are 3 women over 43 y/o having babies in my office. DOH!

  2. Bite your tongue!
    Two of my roommates from college had surprise babies this year. My reaction was, "kill me, now." Although, I have been heard on occasion to utter the words, "If I met someone in the next two years, he could probably talk me into it." Then I think of diapers and potty training...yikes. A fair number of my patients are in their 40s; I dunno, I think I'm getting too selfish to have another kiddo!

  3. And the older yours get, the more selfish you'll become. That light at the end of the tunnel gets really bright with all the "things" you'll be finally able to do.

    Although, I held a flippen cute baby last night, I was happy to give him back when he started crying. =D


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