13 September 2009

Okay, I did something original

This was the project I was supposed to start and finish on Labor Day weekend.  I actually started it on Labor Day and it's still not finished.  Well, it's mostly finished; just the touch up work left.  As FB is in 5th grade he was getting a little tense about his room still being a full on Spongebob extravaganza.  So being the (certifiably insane) mom I am, I agreed that we could change his room to whatever color scheme he desired.  His desire turned out to be Seahawks colors.  Ooookaaaay.  We trooped over to Home Depot and bought the required, and as luck would have it, licensed colors, and I prepared to embark on my newest expression of creativity.  First, the ceiling would have to be primered because it was Pineapple Purple.  (Yes, I know, pineapples aren't purple, but I think that the Spongebob paint was trying to teach young children alliteration.)  So, I had to use a grey primer as a base coat for the oh, so BRIGHT Seahawk Green.  It took two coats to cover the purple and then two more coats of the green to cover the primer.  As the paint continuously fell off the roller and into my left eye, I couldn't help but think that couldn't be good for my Lasik surgery, even if it was four years ago.

I'm a less than clean painter.  In fact, I don't have any idea how people can paint and not get any on them.  I end up looking like a Jackson Pollack painting.  Because I am horribly messy, I tend to paint only in one of the two designated oversized paint shirts and underwear; thus saving myself the aggravation of getting paint on good clothes and $50 dollar bras. 

You will notice that the Seahawks colors, excluding the green, are very close in hue.  Although in these pictures, the colors actually do look different.  In FBs room, you have to get your nose on the wall to notice the difference.  His room already had horizontal stripes and I just planned on painting over them.  As I was taping up the dark stripes (and already dreading the pain in the ass this was going to be) I realized these colors were so close, that no one would be able to tell when one started and the other ended.  Then I stepped back and realized that if I imagined the tape to be white stripes; that might look cool.  I started painting the darkest of the blue and ended up dumping a quarter of a gallon of this paint on his carpet.  His tan carpet.  Good thing the kids were sleeping or their vocabularies would have expanded exponentially.  So, 2 am found me Googling "how to get latex paint out of carpet."  Apparently, Simple Green and Acetone are the favorite choices.  Simple Green may be one of my new favorite cleaners.  My other favorite being Greased Lightening.  Far out; one is non-toxic and one is probably classified as a carcinogen.  Best of both worlds.

The freaking white stripes took two hours to primer and two hours to paint white.  And since I was too lazy to to go downstairs to get the white primer, I used the grey primer.  Which resulted in me needing to put two coats on the stripes for a total of 6 fun filled striping hours.  I was also wearing a thong while I painted the stripes and ended up sitting on the paint lid resulting in a big white circle on my big white ass.

I should have completed the touch up before putting his room back together, but I couldn't face another night of the boys staying in SoS's room on the bunkbeds and wrestling and giggling half the night while I bang on the walls and yell from the next room.  That and the fact that all his stuff was a big pile of ass (thanks for that phrase; it's one of my new faves) on the second floor landing for over a week.  They needed a map and a Sherpa to find their way to the bathroom. So, in 7 years I have painted 2 of the 3 bathrooms, the kids' rooms (FB's twice), the family room and kitchen and that's it.  Never let it be said I rush into interior design.   I've also informed FB that that is the absolute last time I am painting his room.  Ever.


  1. ok. Dont think I'm a nutcase, but I LOVE to paint!! I change my paint schemes like I change my underwear!! I dont know why I like it but I do. I find it relaxing I guess. And a fresh coat of paint can change the whole outlook of the place.

    I'll have to dig out the pics of Laurens room. We did hers in gigantic Yellow Diamonds and blue background. It actually came out awesome. The taping alone took two days. That was a hellacious project but worth the end results. =)

    You did a great job mom. It looks fabulous. Big thumbs up!!!

  2. I dig on it hot Mamma!!!! you know I like to see your creative side :) you rock! Shannon

  3. freekin awesome. definitely don't have that creative gene in me. hate painting too. FB is one lucky dude. That room rocks.


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