02 September 2009

Things I Did Today

Here is the 1st grader and the 5th grader.  Dressed head to toe in SouthPole douche wear, courtesy of Grandma.  Mama won't buy it because she thinks it's, well.....douchey.  But they're still pretty damn cute.  And yes, it was cold enough to require a jacket this morning.   It's FB's last year of elementary school.  Not sure what to think of that.  SoS had a good day and likes his teacher.  Which is nice, since on Meet the Teacher Day, a full week before school started, three employees of the school stopped my youngest and commented on how they hoped he could control himself this year.  Or words to that effect.  Wow.  Hate to start off with a clean slate there, slick.  I'm taking bets on how long it takes this year for them to mention the "R" word.  Too bad I'm no closer to medicating my kid this year than I was last year.  So, bring it on, muthafucka!

Since I had a quiet house and 25 pounds of moldering peaches, this is what I did today. 

That's 5 pints of peach jam and 6 quarts of canned peaches.  There would have been more, but I saved some for eating and some had to go to the big orchard in the sky.  It was a mournful day for all.  I also went and spent some serious bank on items to keep me from killing my cat.  Brand new type of litter, lavender aromatherapy for the litter, retraining aid called "Dumb Cat." (best.name.ever.) and some woo-woo aromatherapy crap that my vet once tried to talk me into, I scoffed at, and now I'm eating crow and buying because I am at my wit's end.  Next it's a dirt nap.  See how pissed off he gets then.  Great.  Like I need a pissed off kitty ghost haunting me.


  1. The boys look cute and actually a little happy?!? Arent they on their way to school????

    Lord those peaches look heavenly! mmmm mmmm good!

    Um dont kill the cat cause you'd have to do it like 9 times. Thats nine little ghost haunting your ass. Hopefully the aromatherapy works.

    And woooohooo on sticken to your guns!! Fuck meds for little boys being boys.

  2. Yep, they are on their way to school...the big one loves it and half-pint there will love it if he gets a decent teacher. (hope, hope)

    I know, I was so proud of them peaches I'm not sure I want to eat 'em!

    So, far the "Dumb Cat" spray seems to be working...but I know lots of people with guns if it doesn't :)

    This school in particular has a problem with kids acting like kids. I say it's because of the elitist attitude of most of the town, meself!

  3. A LOT of schools love little zombies. kudos to you mom. screw em.

  4. Those peaches look great! Where did you say you lived? (a friendly little home invasion, just leave the peaches, ma'am!)


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