08 December 2009

The One Time I Won't Complain About the Traffic Around Here

Thousands gathering to honor fallen officers | KOMO News - Seattle, Washington | Local & Regional

The processional left McChord AFB at 10 am and finally finished the 10 mile drive to the Tacoma Dome at 1:30 pm.  Police and fifefighters from all over the country attended  as well as Canadian police and one thousand of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Okay, I was fine until Officer Richards' kids gave his eulogy.  Now I'm a soggy, blubbering mess


  1. I just read some info in that link that I'd not heard as of yet...(since I've been living under a rock lately)....The whole friggin family new about this guys plans to go shoot and kill a bunch of cops?? WTF???

    Unreal. I'm speachless. No wait, I'm not. Fry the whole lot of 'em!!

  2. Not to mention only his aunt turned him in when he called her and told her he did it and everyone else helped patch him up and drove him out of town. I understand he was a relative, but what he did was wrong, illegal and horrifying. Why protect someone like that? And then his niece put up a roadside memorial to him...I personally would be ashamed to be related to this person.


Okay, GO!