08 December 2009

This Will Be The Only Thing I Write About This Mess

This was on what I saw in my mailbox today:

Now I hear the CinC shanks like a side of mutton so I can see where El Tigre would need to lend his expertise (yeah, I know he's lining up a putt; he probably shanks those as well), and I realize that this went to print before the shit storm hit the cliched fan, but this may not be the image the usually scandal-less sport may want. Well, scandal-less except for John Daly's drinking but whatev..
I'd also be little leery of taking any tips whatsoever from him; no knowing what you might catch.

And here's a thought: Keep. It. In. Your. Fucking (no pun intended). Pants. And if you can't seem to manage the self control of the average cabbage, don't get married. And for the love of all that's holy, don't, please DON'T, bring kids into this sewage you have for a life.

(By the way, I don't usually read this. I don't even know how I started getting it. But, yes, I own golf clubs, have been known to watch tournaments (especially the Masters and U.S. Open) and I can name more than one piss-poor-excuse-for-a-human-being golfer.)


  1. Ya know what?? I like Tiger. Still do. He's the only reason I can watch a whole golf tournament and not stab myself in the eye. I could give two flippen shits what he does in his personal life. I mean, I guess I dont want to hear about it. His or anyone elses really. The press couldnt wait for him to screw up. We new it would happen, cause No One Is Perfect. I've avoided listening about it as much as possible. I guess I'm the ostrich with my head in the sand. pooh.

  2. I don't have a problem with Tiger per se; my problem is with anyone who promises to be committed and then doesn't do it. I couldn't care less how many people he slept with, but I do feel he should have either gotten divorced beforehand or not gotten married in the first place.

    When I am dedicated to someone, I really can't imagine being with anyone else; in the two relationships where I have given over my heart on platter with a serving of dipping sauce, the thought of being with someone else was almost nauseating. I don't know; must be my puritanical upbringin' :)

    And I've tried to avoid hearing about it as well, but to even hear the weather around here you have to wade through the "All Tiger, all the time." mentality...and that's just the people at work! But, it's probably even harder in FL, so I'll just shut my yap now.

  3. Well, that sounded sanctimonious didn't it? It's between El Tigre and Elin and none of our business is my real feeling despite whatever self righteous crap I may spew!

  4. lmao. I'll clarify something that I didnt put in my comment: I dont agree with cheating.

    Your certainly entitled to your opinion. ESPECIALLY on your blog. lol

    I just dont give a shit about what "famous" people do. I got enough shit in my own life to worry about. =)


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