08 June 2009

Hilarity at the Les Schwab

I'm finally getting the tires on the Planet Killer rotated. I'm not sure why my dad is having a fit; I don't think I rotated the tires on the minivan once in ten years, so what's the big deal after 22k miles? But whatever, I'll get it done before we go to Idaho for the 4th just to make him happy. So, I'm sitting in the waiting room, reading blogs on my iPhone, when one of the employees says, "Dick in the Jeep?" Which immediately had me thinking about this:

I had another moment when I thought someone said "Hey, Suz?" I turned around wondering who in the hey thought they knew me that well, when the nice Hispanic man next to me stood up. Oh. Must have been "Jesus." Perhaps I should be more aware of my surroundings. Then I see on the reader on Fox news (volume turned down just like in the airport because G-d forbid you not be bored out of your melon), that David Carradine's family believe he was killed by Kung fu assassins. Okay, look. I'm sure you are distressed at this time, and my heart goes out to you, it really does. But you need to realize that he may have been in the hotel with an "entertainer" and this was an unfortunate end result of auto erotic asphyxiation as the rope around his neck and genitals lead me to believe. And Kung fu assassins? Wouldn't they be Muy Thai assassins in Thailand? Or perhaps these are assassins that were an off shoot of a secret society spawned by followers of Kung Fu and Caine, not realizing at first that this was a TV show and then, once they realized (30 years later) that that guy wasn't Chinese, they flew to Thailand to wreak their vengeance? What? I'm just askin'.

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