28 June 2009

Hey, Japan? This is NOT helping the nursing shortage!

In other news: after the shindig and the my recurrent role of head holder and drunk carrier, my pulled shoulder muscle morphed into shoulder, neck and giant migraine pain. Oooo. A legitimate excuse for Percocet. Yay. I popped two of those babies and drifted off into the best sleep in months. I awoke at 0400 scratching like a dog hosting a flea convention, thought "I had BETTER NOT be developing a Percocet allergy!" and then fell back into a coma for 4 more hours. I don't know if that was the result of some weird forgotten dream or if I'm on the road to anaphylaxis the next time I'm injured. Ah, what's a little respiratory distress to stand in the way of my love affair with Percocet?


  1. What the Hell is right! How do you find this stuff??

    Miss you lots!

  2. Just lucky I guess! Miss you too!


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