21 June 2009

Is it too much to ask clothing manufacturers and department stores that distribute said manufactured clothing that it be of a nature fitting my stage in life? I went to buy a dress for a little shindig I'm going to and my choices seemed to be relegated to "last living survivor of the Titanic" and "clinging bitterly to her youth with every last breath in her body" neither of which is the look for which I'm striving. I'm way too old to go to the juniors section; that's just sad. And here's another thing...since when did we time warp back to 1975? I'm almost positive some of the dresses I saw were patterned after dresses I actually wore in my elementary school career. After much searching and cussing, I did end up with a fine dress. Three, actually, since Penney's was having quite the sale and I felt the need to expand my wardrobe a tad. The dress I have decided to wear for the aforementioned shindig, I am growing to like more and more. My only fear is that it's kind of "cougary", so I may have to run it by some of my cohorts. Then again, the dress would be the only cougar thing about me: I'm not blonde, I'm not tanned, and my rack is factory original equipment.

Great new item from textsfromlastnight.com:

(714) I need hand sanitizer and jesus

And why Alice Cooper and the Muppets will always be my favorite

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