13 June 2009

Today at Tae Kwon Do SoS was instructed to do an Army crawl along the floor. He started crawling in a manner that was not pleasing to the instructor and, when corrected, SoS flatly stated "I'm not doing an Army crawl, I'm doing a Navy crawl." He then stated that (insert SOSo'C's real name here) was in the Navy, so he was doing a Navy crawl. When the grandma behind me said "I don't think the Navy is doing a lot of crawling," my only thought was "SEALs?"

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  1. littlebamaboysx3June 16, 2009 at 3:03 AM

    There is one of the many many reasons I love that kid!!!!!! First ....Go Navy!
    Second.....I LOVE that at his tender age he can come up with a creative way to say kiss my >>>!


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