18 April 2010

I have one sick laptop. I have no idea what is causing the problem, be it the dreaded Norton Suite those bastards at Comcast insist I download, a particularly nasty virus that causes my Internet to fade into the ether when I try to start it, or my own, and more likely, incredibly bad karma. Whatever the cause, I have spent many hours and several classic films on DVD trying to unfuck this POS. To the point I am resorting to blogging in ye olde iPhone in an effort to vent some angst and avoid throwing this particular piece of technology out yon window. Whatever is wrong with this thing, it will not even let me reset to a restore point. So I am now in the process of deleting Norton. And look. The Internet comes right up. The bastards. To the dulcet tines of cheesy '70s "bow-chicka-bow-bow" from The Towering Inferno
Well, Im re-installing Norton. We'll see if this is the last post I do from the phone or not.


  1. My laptop is on its last legs. I'm actually in the process of saving all my pics to photobucket cause I know one day soon, its not going to start up. It'll just be dead. Blogging from the iPhone is like plucking nose hairs. Very painful.

  2. Norton sucks. And just try their tech support line - live from the Seychelles in the beautiful Indian Ocean!

    "Hello, dees ees rrraJEED. How meh ah help yooooo?"

  3. Hi! I found your blog through Peedee - and I'm GLAD I did!

    I sure hope your laptop issues are resolved soon! Thank goodness for the iPhone.

  4. peedee- I'm surprised your laptop survived Remi using it as a chew toy! Mine is giving me a few death rattles as well, but I need to pay off the Visa, go to Bahrain, and spend a lot on baby gifts (for the Nav and the wife since I refuse to let anything ever come out of my uterus again) before I can conspicuously consume a replacement. Can't wait, however!

    Linnnn - You're right; Norton sucks ass. Not sure why they made the change from McAfee, which worked just fine, but change they did. If I weren't such a cheapskate, I'd pay for something else, but there ya have it.

    Meleah Rebeccah - Thanks for dropping by...peedee is my new PR firm! The laptop is trying to fake me out by actually working today...we'll see how it goes!

  5. ur going to Bahrain??? Are the boys going?? Thats a hellacious summer vacation of the awesome kind! 200 degrees in the shade and bullets flying by your head. Makes for great, "what I did on my summer vacation papers"!!
    And I have no idea how my laptop lived thru Remi. I think it felt sorry for him and knew he'd have been murdered if it stopped working then.
    HAHA PR firm. Thats funny considering your 50bagillion times funnier than me. I just introduce funny people to each other. Its a gift of mine. =)


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