19 April 2010

I Will Bitch No More Forever

With all due respect to Chief Joseph for bastardizing his speech, and all apologies to everyone who knows that I will not be able to keep that promise, watch this. And count your lucky stars. And be amazed. And then join me in a little guilt for not being more appreciative of all your blessings. Unless of course you're not as self involved and selfish as I am and then you don't have to.. Whatever. Spend the 4 minutes. I cried, and you know how much I love to do that.

Ruthlessly and gleefully stolen from Peedee


  1. Yesterday the kid sitting next to me at work was bitching about having to go downstairs to use the bathroom because the one on our floor was being fixed. I nearly bitch slapped him. I made him watch the video.

    At lease you have arms with hands to hold your junk with dude.


  2. Oh for Pete's sake! Boo the hoo I have to walk downstairs! Maybe you should have bitch slapped him into reality. But good call on the professionalism there!


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