08 April 2010

The youngest and hairiest of my four beautiful boys...and one of the two with four legs.

This was about an hour before he was accosted on our walk by one crabby pit bull mix. Her owner was walking by us and I saw that she was in training mode, so I planned to not disturb her. For some reason she had her dog in a break away collar and she lunged (the dog, not the owner) and came over to have a chat. I was watching the dog's body language and just as I thought, "I think we should go; she looks pretty tense." she latched onto Bugs' neck. Her owner ran towards her as I pulled Bugs away and distracted the dog. That lasted about 2 seconds. She went to go for him again and I got all alpha dog/mama bear, stepped in front of her, pointed my finger in her face and shouted "NO!" She looked at me as if no one had spoken to her like that in her life. I was thinking, "Try it again and I'll have you on the ground so fast your head will spin. Either that, or I'll kick you in the snout." Her poor owner was apologizing all over herself. She was probably praying I wouldn't sue. I told her it was okay, because he wasn't hurt, but I was thinking that dog needs some more socialization/training/control. Of course, Bugs' coat is so thick and he's shedding so bad, that other poor dog was probably coughing up hairballs all day. Might make her think twice before trying to be all that again. Knucklehead McSpazatron just looked at me like, "what the hell was her problem?" And was none the worse for the wear. He is now stretched out on my carpet between my weights and my knitting bag, having quite the animated conversation in his dream.


  1. That was scarey. Your pretty brave to be jumpin in the middle like that! Pitbulls have that lock bite that scares the shit out of me. I'm glad mcspaz is ok. oh and you too! lol

    Kiss him for me, he's adorable. =)

  2. She was a pretty young dog, so that may have had something to do with her being deterred so quick, but what was I gonna do? She was after my boy! He is pretty adorable, isn't he? I took this with my iPhone..I was amazed at how good a picture it takes.

  3. iPhones rawk. And that doesnt even come close to how amazing they are. Dont know that I'd ever have another phone...except the 4G thats coming out in a month or so! ;)

    Oh and Happy Birthday again! Your present is over on my page. =)


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