07 May 2008

Oh, no.

During my pre-op I noticed a pamphlet called "Pruritis Ani." I leaned forward to confirm I saw what I saw. Now, I didn't think this referred to Anakin Skywalker (geek alert!), and the only "ani" I could think of was...really? That can't be right. This is the way my mind works: hippopotomus, hippopotomi. Elvis, Elvi. Anus...well, it would have to be ani wouldn't it? So, this pamphlet was basically saying "My ass itches." Or rather "My asses itch," because we are talking about the plural here. I then chuckled to myself, thinking that I was probably the biggest dork on the planet to come up with that as the definition. Then I noticed who published the pamplet. The College of Anal and Colon Surgeons. Ah.

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