21 July 2009

I picked up the boys from the parents today and this conversation ensued:

FB: "Look, Mom, Grandpa gave me a pocket knife and he said when I'm older I can have his big Buck knife too."

Me: "Awesome. Did you ask about the shotgun?"

Dad: "Well, your brother has it...do you want it?"

Me: "Hell, yes."

My arsenal might be getting a head start. Now I need a compound bow, a mace and a Glock. Okay, just the Glock. I got the industrial strength pepper spray covered and I will GAS a mugger's ass.


  1. wtf is a Glock?? Idahonian!

  2. I'm Idahoan one generation removed, but genetics is genetics, baby! And Glock=handgun.


Okay, GO!