29 July 2009

Why Do Crazy People Continue To Procreate?

My patient today was having her seventh (7th) child and informed me repeatedly that she needed an epidural before her contractions got too bad because, "I don't handle pain well." Is this the first time this has occurred to you? Cuz I have a solution: keep your legs closed and tell him to GET OFF YOU! You'll find you will have a relatively pain free existence then.

107 today and I've decided I'm too old to be this crabby. There is a central air conditioning installation evaluation in my future. I don't care if the heat wave is over before it happens; I'm toast.


  1. Have you melted yet??

    I played ball last night. At 9:30 it was still 93 degrees. WTF?? I melted.

  2. We've actually been back to good ol NW weather the last few days...equal to what you would call WINTER but sheer bliss for us. I can't imagine even moving in that heat let alone playing ball. And don't you have an ACL repair coming up?

  3. mmmhm. but gotta play for sanity. bionic knee brace is the key. and the acl is blown, cant do much more damage at this point.


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