22 July 2009

Snicker for the Day

Johnny Virgil (the author of the J.C. Penney's catalogue post that went viral and the thief never gave him credit for) over at 15 Minute Lunch has been busy lately and for his most recent post listed all the Google searches that resulted in people arbitrarily dropping by his blog. And then he comments on them. The searches themselves are far more entertaining then the search words that sucker unsuspecting innocents into this black hole of time wasting, and he is far wittier than I in commenting upon the aforementioned searches. I think they're funny anyway, which may just show how sick and twisted I really am. To which any of you three, who actually come here on purpose, can attest after seeing my recent Facebook links. I won't apologize; I am as God made me. With a little help from all the moonshine I quaffed in high school. So go see Johnny' latest and have a good snicker.

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