22 July 2009

Poll For Today

Which is more awkward? Your 10 year old son finding your BOB, or your mother nearly finding your book, The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio, in the floor board of your car because you forgot it there after you found a better gift for your friend for her bachelorette party so you didn't have to give her your copy. 42 years old and still hiding things from Mom. Go me.


  1. Ummm, my sister and I have a pact. If anything should happen to either one of us....GET TO THE NIGHTSTAND and dispose of the contents. lmao.

    ur blog makes me laugh btw.

  2. Unfortunately, the bro would cover his ears and scream "lalalalalalala!" if I dared to ask such a favor of him. my SIL would totally have my back, however.

  3. omg. I think that might be a tie. hahahahahah


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