10 April 2009

FB had a belt test last night and broke two boards with a swing kick. Which is pretty impressive since this kick consists of reaching up towards your head with the kick and my kid is about as flexible as your average steel girder encased in hardened cement.

This belt test lasted an eternity and it was quite late at night by the time I got the kiddos chivvied into bed. I had pulled out a loaf of homemade bread to make their lunches for today, when I realized if I wanted them in bed before midnight, I was going to have to go up and supervise some showers. (These two are soakers...yeah, our carbon footprint is the size of the Jolly Green Giant's) I was coming down the darkened stairwell and noticed a sort of "blob" on the landing. Knucklehead McSpazatron must have, once again, gotten something he shouldn't and chewed it into an unrecognizable mass. What was it? A Nerf ball? No, doesn't look like it. Oh, heavens, did he vomit again? No, it looks too solid. There was nothing to do but pick it up. Cautiously, I bent down to prod this mass, and got a whiff of......bread? Good grief! Did this damn dog jump up, grab a whole loaf of bread off the counter and eat all but a tennis sized ball of it!?! It appears he did. What pray tell, would that do to the gastrointestinal system of an Australian Shepherd? Good thing he doesn't have IBS to begin with. I was pleasantly surprised to find no evidence of his feast upon rising. I guess he could be so bound up that he won't poop for a week....time will tell


  1. That's cool on the belt test. The only accomplishment I had when I was his age was beating the Hammer Bros level on Super Mario Bros (it was 8-3, I believe).

  2. Hey, mad props to you; to this day my Mario Bros. skills are impressive only to indigenous peoples of developing countries.


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